The Infinity Glove

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Breaking barriers, Creating connections, Innovating communication.

Sign language glove with infinite perks

The Infinity Glove

The Goal

The Infinity Glove aims to bridge the communication gap between individuals who use sign language and those who do not. This innovative solution addresses the challenges individuals face with hearing/speaking difficulties in conveying messages effectively.

The Innovators

Wassim Omran

As one of the co-founders of the company, I take great pride in my role as an electrical engineer. My work involves overseeing project management, technology development, and strategic direction. With a degree in Electrical Engineering, I have focused my expertise on hardware design, with a specialisation in Biomedical Engineering. This solid foundation has helped me drive innovation and ensure project success. 

Samir Elias

As a co-founder and computer engineer, I devote myself to software development, algorithm design, and the integration of machine learning technologies. With my speciality in Computer and Communication Engineering, I strive to provide efficient software solutions and innovative technology integration.

The Demo

Join Us on Our Journey to Construct a Bridge for Humankind